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Still plugging away at my first deck of ATCs. I picked up some great stuff over NSD weekend from Tangie Baxter, Sherrie D and others, and it’s got me all fired up again. Just as well I have some time before my other Artscow coupon for the 54-design cards runs out, I’m still only halfway to a complete set of designs.


I also used up all my free ornaments coupons to make some Xmas decs (yes, I do know it’s May). I’ll be giving these as Xmas presents, I like to get an early start on my preparations! These are just mockups, I’ll post photos of the real thing when they arrive from Artscow.



These were all made from Xmas Cheer, a great kit by Lliella, who is now at Sweet Shoppe – Yay for Lliella!

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