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So the New Year begins and with it the new project – Tangie Baxter’s Art Journal Caravan.

I did my first journal page yesterday, not too thrilled with how it turned out, but since it’s the journey (and not the destination) that really matters, I’m OK with it. I’m looking forward to Friday now, to get another ‘permission’ to do a page. I’m almost afraid to make pages anyway, in case I inadvertantly ‘use up’ a theme. I should relax about that, since I can always do another page if the theme comes around again. Chill Ruby, chill.

The first theme was a word. Choose a word that will serve as your destination for this year. I chose the word ‘Act’.

I chose ‘act’ as my word, because I spend a lot of time thinking and dreaming and always feel like I am waiting for the game to begin. This year I want to wake up, realise that this IS the game, and the only way to make things happen is to just DO it.

I compiled a digital background using various pieces by Irene Alexeeva, and printed it out. I then added the text using Pigma Micron markers, and embellished it (and the background) with an Edding 780 white marker, and Distress Stickles glitter glue. Finally, I added some depth and shading using the Micron markers and watercolour paint.

This has turned out more structured (not relaxed) than I intended, and I don’t know if I like it at all. But I decided to just call it finished and post it rather than get trapped in a never-ending ‘it’s not perfect’ circle. Next one will be better (or at least, different).

If you haven’t joined the Caravan yet, you really should look into it. I’m seeing so many amazing journal pages and artworks in the Caravan gallery at SBG, it’s truly inspirational. Feels so good to be just creating for it’s own sake. You should definitely try it 🙂

Find out more here.

I hope the holidays were peaceful and happy, and wish you and yours a very happy 2010.

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