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Two pages for my Art Journal this week, from the week 4 Itinerary (more info, see Tangie Baxter’s Art Journal Caravan).

There were so many ways I could have interpreted the colour prompt, and I spent quite a while deciding what to do. In the end I decided to go with this treatment.

Over twenty years ago I was an art student at college, more interested in the social opportunities of student life than the academic side. I routinely was late for, or even missed altogether, classes. One day I had missed a class but I knew we would have an assignment for the following week so I asked a classmate about it. ‘Self portrait’ he told me. So I spent my studio time that week creating a stylised self portrait in the Paul Klee style, to reflect the many dimensions and facets of how I saw myself at that time. I handed it in on time, and was disappointed when I failed the assignment. Turns out my classmate should have mentioned it was a ‘realistic drawn or painted self portrait’, not a free piece. Anyway, I always felt it was a more honest portrayal of my self image than any drawing or mirror painting I could have made, and I wanted to do it again for this page.

I started by compiling a digital background using items from my Nat IV kit, Page Stamps Bundle and Double Doodle Alpha, all available here at SBG, and printed it out. I then did the text work using a quotation from Jean M Auel around the edge. I chose this quote because it speaks of the irrelevance of colour, which I enjoy as I am both obsessed with colour (artistically) and colour blind (racially), and also refers to being surrounded by people who are ‘significantly different’, which is a very polite way to describe my family.

Finally, I coloured the central image with pencils. Terrifically simple execution, but I am pleased with the result. What fun to do!

Nat IV Altered Art Kit (the Yellow background, and the dots stamp), Double Doodle Alpha (the word ‘Story’),  Page Stamps Bundle (the face outline); Pigma Micron marker; Prismacolor coloured pencils

I decided to work a page on the prompt ‘What is your favourite time of day’. For me, it’s the night-time. I’m a night owl anyway, and at this time of year (winter in the Northern Hemisphere) I love the sound of the cold wind, the twinkling of the stars in the black sky and the roaring fire in my studio that remind me that the world is asleep and I am the Queen of all I survey through my garden window.

For this page I started by compiling a digital background using scrapbook supplies by Catherine Designs and Createwings, employing blending modes to make it blue and yellow, and printed it out. I then did the text work, using a quote that sums up my feeling about the night from Lemony Snicket, and the famous line from Hamlet, which is my attitude once I have resigned myself that it really is bedtime.

I drew the moon and coloured him in on plain white paper, and then cut out and adhered to the page. Finally I added details using white and silver markers. The parts that look pale blue on this scan are actually shiny silver in real life.


Scrapbook items from Catherine Designs & Createwings; Prismacolor coloured pencils; Pigma Micron black marker; Uniball white marker; Pilot silver marker; Glue stick

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