I am blessed with a group of enthusiastic and wonderful ladies in my Creative Team. Unfortunately some of them are a little shy and it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to share photos, etc for this page. But I will keep at it, and hopefully soon there will be a full list of these fantastic women who make my life so much easier and more fun. Love you girls 🙂


Jane Bradbury, CT Manager

I’m not shy! I have the wonderful task of organising everyone, and it’s right up my street; I am an obsessive organiser at home! Give me half a chance and I’ll be organising Ruby too!

I do a bit of everything: digital designing, I write occasional tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, and I do web design. I’m married to Ian, he’s an accountant and we live in Wigan, in the North West of England. My main hobbies are messing about on the computer, reading and messing about with a bit of paper scrapbooking too.


Hello! I am so thrilled to be on Ruby’s Creative Team.

I live in Ohio with my husband Mike of 34 years. We have 3 children, our 18 year old son, Michael Paul is still living at home and is still in High School. Our two daughters Melanie and Jennifer are both married and live close by. Melanie has 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. I enjoy scrapping all of them as well as another family member – our dog Valor, who is the featured subject in many of my layouts. We also have a Rat Terrier, Fergie who makes occassional appearances in my work. I am blessed to have such a great family.

In real life I am a Dog Artist. Creating original dog clip art (cats and horses too) is what I do when I am not putting together a layout. The total number of pieces/images I have done is over 1000!

I also digitize the art into stiches for embroidery which is very time consuming but rewarding. I do own the company which allows me the freedom to work on my digital scrapping when not involved in everyday business. It is a luxury that I do appreciate.

My main hobby is digital scrapbooking of course but I love photography and working in Photoshop. I also am an avid reader, love to work in my gardens and enjoy running. My husband and I do like to go fishing and enjoy walking/hiking at local and state parks. It is always a great opportunity for some nice photos.

I couldn’t imagine a day without creating! I am excited to begin working with Ruby and her products as well as with the other team members.

Anne of Alamo

Anne is my name, and I scrap for pure pleasure!  I have four kids: boys 13 &11, plus twin girls 10 and their dad who is the love of my life and hubby of 20 years, give me joy and keep my life full to the brim!  We are a home schooling family, to add more chaos to life.



I’m 48 years old (49th coming up on November 30). I’m a mother of 2 adult kids (son and daughter) and married to Steven for 13 years now and I do have one adorable granddaughter, Roxeanne, who is one.

I live in the east part of the Netherlands close to the German border. I’m a volunteer worker for the Dutch RSPCA and due to that our home is “stuffed” with cats and birds and there’s a dog somewhere too.

I started paper scrapping years ago, but as you can imagine with all the animals jumping and running over, on and below, the table I gave up on that. I was extremely happy when I found out about digital scrapping and became an addicted scrapper since day one (about 3 years ago).

I’m very proud to be one of Ruby Rynne’s CT members and I’m sure the members at SBG will love her products!


Linda Alexis



I discovered digi scrapping two years ago when I started editing a book I am writing and wanted to add some photos. I am totally addicted and love  creating heritage layouts but have also discovered that I love playing with altered art.

Born and raised in Germany, studied in England and lived all over the world. I’m married with four children, who are scattered all across the globe, and grandmother of four. Besides scrapping, I love listening to CNN, good music, and good books.